I Think I Should Start an Advice Column/Blog - Daniel Devin Vance: Comedian/Writer/Lover
It was recently that I realized that I should start an Advice Column/Blog.  I don't know what about.  Relationships.  Life.  I guess it doesn't matter.  Everyone has problems and people with problems really just want to talk, write, or read about it.  They don't really want advice or a good answer.  Doesn't even matter who it is or where it's getting posted like in a blog or answer forum.  They're soooooooo vague anyways.  People trying to help in those things just need help themselves.  They're so insecure that they just need to feel important and that's why they write posts that are much longer than they need to be because it makes them feel like they are important.  Am I right?  It's a feeling of if I'm helping this person then there is nothing wrong with me.  I mean these people are just looking for validation themselves.   It's ridiculous.  They just keep going on and on for no reason.   And not only are they long, but they're so repetitive too because they really need help themselves.  I mean most post can really just bee like one or two lines.  It's so dumb.

Anyway does anyone know how I can get started writing an advice column?  Anything can help.
10/26/2010 11:03:04



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